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Discover how our batteries and battery chargers are reducing costs and lowering aircraft emissions.

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Introducing EPiC 2.0

The time has come for the next revolution in electric aviation

A Leader in Regulatory Certifications

eDA40 battery propulsion

The eDA40, a derivative of the existing and certified DA40 platform, shall be the first EASA/FAA CS/Part 23 certified electric airplane.

Leaders in Electric Propulsion Systems

As a leader in energy storage systems for electric aviation, EPS is powering a revolution for smart, efficient, eco-friendly solutions.

At EPS, we’ve flown it all: fixed wing, eVTOL, cargo drones, unmanned underwater submarines, and seaplanes. We are endorsed by some of the largest, most respected aviation companies in the world.

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Introducing EPiC 2.0

One of the challenges with energy density is that it’s targeted toward short-range missions. Our Electric Propulsion Ion Core (EPiC) Ecosystem is leading the charge for smart, efficient, eco-friendly solutions. This lightweight, high-power system offers a long battery life while upholding all critical safety standards.

This trailblazing new EPiC 2.0 module provides 90 minutes of usable flight time with 30 minutes of reserve. This opens up a host of new applications for electric aircraft.



Trainer or Small Aircraft

Small Aircraft




Charging Infrastructure

A Modular Solution

No matter what propulsion system is used, all aircraft need high-density energy storage. Our modular design is an ideal solution for a variety of vehicles. It is agnostic to aircraft type, propulsion architecture, and energy source.

Harness the Power of the EP Systems Battery

A greener aviation paradigm is fast approaching: One that moves from combustion-based technologies to electric-based solutions. As a recognized leader in energy storage systems, EP Systems is at the forefront of this evolution.

Working with every aircraft imaginable, our experience has given us a broad perspective on the future of electric aviation. By harnessing advances in battery power and material technology, our unique battery management system ushers in this brighter tomorrow by providing an elevated solution.

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Scaling to Meet Demand

Our mission for carbon-free skies has already begun. Partnering with flight schools and industry partners, our batteries and battery chargers are taking flight. With our scalable technology, we can implement a high rate of production to meet demand.


Delivering 1,000 modules a year


Scaling to 10,000 modules a year

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