Powering a Greener Future Together

Electric Power Systems (EPS) is proud to help usher in the next stage of electric aviation.

We are a leading provider of certifiable electric power systems for high-reliability applications. Our mission: deliver smarter, lighter, and more efficient batteries.

Overnight Wall Charger

We formulate solutions for a variety of markets including aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, and industrial traction. Our focus includes the design, modeling, testing, and manufacturing of mechanical, electrical, thermal, controls and protection systems required for critical applications.

Our core strategy is to forge a supply chain ecosystem that includes creating a second life to batteries that are no longer suitable for flight. And when the true end of life is reached, we are committed to recycling with providers that employ eco-friendly technology to repurpose those scarce metals.

Join us in the next step of the electronic revolution today, and help us power the future of electric flight.


Designed over 50 unique aerospace battery propulsion systems since 2016


EPiC Battery System pioneering electric propulsion battery certification


9 Electric demonstrator aircraft currently flying with EPS Energy Storage Systems


Scaling to 70k+ sq ft of manufacturing space over next 3 years


EPS has manufactured and delivered over 5 MWh in propulsion batteries


+120 employees and growing