Modular Approach

The EPiC System is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of applications and uses, allowing customers the flexibility needed to innovate and design future generation mobility solutions while leveraging economies of scale and rapid product support. Battery configuration may be modified to accommodate a wide range of voltage, power and energy requirements.

EPiC Propulsion Battery


Battery System Layout Components

EPiC Propulsion Battery System

  1. Motor
  2. MSC
  3. BPMU
  4. Charger
  5. Cooling
  6. Modules
  7. Thermal Management
  8. Mid-Point
Black BPMU Rendering

Battery Power Management Unit

The BPMU monitors and reports system status, communicating with each component in the system and enacting controls as directed by the operator. Multiple safety features have been included in the design of the BPMU, including Isolation Detection, system charging self-protection, and numerous status warnings and messages relating to safe operation of high voltage propulsion batteries.

Midpoint Disconect

Midpoint Disconnect

The MPD contains an electrical contactor and the system high voltage fuse. The fuse may be manually removed to reduce effective battery string voltage for safe handling and maintenance operations.

EPiC Energy battery

Battery Module

Each Battery Module monitors cell voltage and temperature, and enacts passive balancing to ensure that string voltage remains balanced and optimized.

First to Certification

Diamond Aircraft

EP Systems has partnered with Diamond Aircraft to power the eDA40, targeted and on track to become the first EASA/FAA Part 23 certified electric airplane.


EP Systems has additionally announced various partners pursuing certification with the FAA, EASA, and other regulators.


Ampaire’s EcoCaravan is anticipated to be the first certified regional all-electric aircraft to enter the commercial market, with certification planned in 2024.


VoltAero is targeting entry into service in 2024 for their hybrid Cassio aircraft, certified to EASA CS23 certification specification.


AuraAero’s Integral 2 seater aircraft, targeted for flight training and aerobatics, is planning certification with the FAA and EASA.


SkyDrive’s SD-05 eVTOL flying car is progressing to certification with JCAB to unlock advanced air mobility across the globe.

EPiC Energy

EPiC Energy is designed to optimize energy capacity of the battery system, maximizing flight and run times while providing uncompromising lightweight solutions for airborne applications.

EPiC Energy battery
3726 Cobra

EPiC Power

The EPiC Power Module is designed to optimize power output, unlocking eVTOL mission profiles and applications.

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