EP Systems Leads the Industry in Regulatory Certifications

eDA40 in flight

With over 50 years of collective commercial aerospace certification experience, we are the most trusted company when it comes to conducting and addressing the certification of thermal runaway protection systems for aerospace applications.

EP Systems has an active FAA project seeking approval of a modular rechargeable lithium battery system to TSO-C179b, and we are beginning DO-311A and DO-160 formal qualification testing in 2023. This effort includes DO-178, DAL C Battery Management System and DO-254 Complex Hardware Verification and Validation.

We are also equipped to perform Thermal Runaway, High-Power Short Circuit, Temperature, Altitude and Vibration onsite.

Additionally, EP Systems actively supports multiple partners with their Experimental, Type and Supplemental Type Certification projects.

As we move forward, our team is committed to helping shape future aerospace lithium battery regulations and Means of Compliance.

A Leader in Regulatory Certifications

EP Systems Generation 1 – Honeycomb

  • Launched in 2016
  • 34% Overhead
  • Certified to NASA S1 in 2018
Battery System Layout 01e BPMU POST 1
Generation 5 – EpiC

EP Systems Generation 5 – EPiC

  • Launched in 2020
  • 20% Overhead
  • Incorporates Liquid Cooling
  • FAA TSO Certification in 2024


Honeycomb X57
Generation 5 – EpiC

Q3 2022

Final Design

Q4 2022

Conforming Hardware

Q2 2023

Verification & Validation Complete

Q1 2024

Battery Certification

Issued Technical Standard Order


Aircraft Certification

*Entry into service is customer specific, expect entry into service in 2024 with select customers