Unique Solutions

With the emergence of electric aircraft, it’s important to recognize its charging infrastructure will differ from automotive. Specifically, it will require different methods and equipment for capacity updates.

In addition, electric aircraft will charge at much higher rates than typical automotive charging stations. These higher charging rates will necessitate thermal management solutions in order to maintain safe charging and operating temperatures for the aerospace charging systems.

EP Systems intends to offer charging hardware and software that will optimize all-electric aircraft turnaround times, providing an efficient and elevated solution.

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Products and Services

DC Fast Charging

EP Systems is developing a proprietary 200 kW DC Fast Charger to enable rapid charging and turn around times of electric aircraft.

Overnight Wall Charger

The 20 kW Wall Charger will allow for slower charging in the hangar, and optimize battery state of charge levels for extended cycle and calendar life of the system.

Overnight Wall Charger
Mobile Microgrid Charge Truck

Mobile Microgrid Charge Truck

The Mobile Micro Grid charging solution provides a secondary life for batteries, reducing overall costs and maximizing efficient use of energy and materials. The Micro Grid may be installed as a stationary system directly at airports, or used in a mobile application for a more flexible charging solution.

EPiC Life Cycle

Battery Lifecycle

  1. Sustainable materials
  2. Modular energy storage blocks
  3. Flexible storage systems configurations
  4. Integration into OEM aircraft electric powertrain
  5. Depleted modules are reused for 2nd life applications
  6. 2nd life applications like micro grid
  7. Depleted 2nd life modules are recycled