EP Systems in Action

EP Systems is a leading provider of high-voltage, high-power, certifiable electric power systems for high-reliability applications. Explore these use cases to see our products in action.

NASA X-57 in flight


Roadmap to 2030

A Greener Future is Taking Flight


No matter what propulsion system is used, all aircraft need high-density energy storage. Our EPS batteries are here to provide a smart, efficient, eco-friendly solution.

Universal Aviation Applications

Electric regional

Conventional Aircraft

Batteries play several important roles, such as: powering aircraft systems prior to engine start, supporting ground operations, providing navigation lights and as backup.

Hybrid Electric Aircraft

These vehicles are propelled by a combination of conventional engines and electric motors. There are multiple variations on the theme but all configurations require batteries.

Supernal eVTOL
EDA40 charging

Full Electric Aircraft

These vehicles are propelled by one or more electric motors powered entirely by lightweight batteries. Full electric propulsion invites innovative design possibilities.