Electric Power Systems (EP Systems) is a leading provider of high-power, scalable powertrains that are certifiable for electrified aviation. It develops energy storage systems, DC fast-charging stations, and electric propulsion products for Aerospace. EP Systems has numerous battery systems currently powering customer flight demonstrator vehicles (e.g., NASA X-57, Bell Nexus, Aurora Flight Sciences Pegasus, Embraer Ipanema, and Boeing CAV). Advanced features produce safer battery systems resulting in a perfect safety record in field. EP Systems is currently partnered with the FAA to certify batteries for general aviation aircraft and will complete its first TSO in early 2023.

Boeing and Safran invested in EP Systems in 2019, and again in 2021, and JetBlue added to that investment in 2022. All investments are helping to enhance its research and development, energy storage, and electric propulsion capabilities. EP Systems’ current, publicly announced customers include NASA, the FAA, Boeing, Safran, Bell Textron, Diamond Aircraft, Embraer, Aura Aero, VoltAero, and Supernal. Electric Power Systems currently produces over 2MWh in battery systems per year and is scaling bringing a 70,000 square-foot facility online in 2022/2023, with production starting at 100MWh per year.



Electric Power Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of high-voltage, high-power, certifiable electric power systems for high-reliability applications. Its mission is to “PowerTransportation’s Electric Renaissance” by providing smarter, safer, more reliable, lighter, and certifiable batteries. It provides lithium-ion based energy storage solutions to the aerospace/defense, automotive, marine, and industrial traction markets.



SBA Small Business Concern


Corporate Information

  • CEO: Nathan Millecam
  • Board Members: Beckett Jackson  (Boeing), Nicolas Franck (Safran),  Nathan Millecam (Electric Power Systems)
  • Investors (Series A): Boeing, Safran 
  • 60+ employees
  • Private company founded in 2016
  • Recipient of Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative through Utah’s Industry Partnership Program.


335911, 335311, 541715, 221122, 335999

Product and Service Codes (PSC)

6160, 7010, 6130, 6150, 6140, 6145, 7030

Corporate Information

Systems, Inc

  • Experienced leadership team
  • Diverse, agile, and passionate  employees
  • Extensive expertise in electric  propulsion and energy storage across numerous markets
  • Tailored solutions; innovative research and development efforts; hands-on integration
  • Robust facility footprint and  testing capabilities
  • AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified


Electric Power Systems’ unparalleled leadership team has significant expertise in electric propulsion and energy storage across a wide range of end markets. Team members have strong technical and business backgrounds, coming from Honeywell Aerospace, McDonnel Douglas, Boeing, Rolls Royce, Bell Textron, and other large industry players.


Electric Power Systems’ state-of-the-art innovation campus supports the design, manufacturing, and test of its solutions. A 70,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility will be added to the campus in 2022.

North Logan

520 W 2850 N North Logan, UT 84341-7005

Our main headquarters in North Logan, Utah is now open.

Battery Limit and Stress Test (B.L.A.S.T.) Lab

Utah State University Technology Building (TECH), Bullen Hall, Logan, Utah 84321

Located in Utah State’s technology building, the B.L.A.S.T Lab’s testing capabilities assures the highest certification requirements. This lab tests new and large-scale hybrid-propulsion and integration technologies to recreate thermal-runaway events.

Electric Vehicle & Roadway (EVR) Laboratory

The EVR is used for design and control of power electronics: efficient machines, inverters, extending battery life, and energy management are among core objectives. The EVR enables EP Systems to pursue commercial partnerships and research associations that collaboratively advance sustainably electrified transportation.

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