Certified to the International AS9100D and ISO 9001 Standard

Hyde Park, UT, December 20, 2018 –

Electric Power Systems (EPS) achieved the AS9100D standard as well as certifying for ISO 9001:2015 status officially.

These certifications prove EPS’s ability to consistently meet applicable needs for customers and a higher battery quality within the aviation market.

Implementing the AS9100D standard requires monitoring quality management processes to improve efficiency. When EPS received its certification to the AS9100D standard, it ensured its internal business processes for the aviation industry met the following criteria:

  • Ensuring product safety and reliability by tracking efficiency
  • Forecasting EPS’s battery profitability
  • Enhancing global marketability
  • Standardizing its auditing process to eliminate multiple assessments
  • Meeting client and customer expectations

Additionally, EPS fulfilled the International Standardization Organization’s (ISO) ISO 9001:2015 global requirement. This general standard proves EPS can consistently provide a higher quality product and service to its customers in its related industry.

“By meeting these standards for safety, airworthiness, product conformity, and reliability,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nathan Millecam said, “EPS continues to demonstrate its ability to mee the aerospace Industry’s demands for top product output.”

About Electric Power Systems (EPS)

Electric Power Systems (EPS) provides disruptive technologies to high-reliability markets by providing world-class energy storage systems that are safe, reliable and low cost. EPS’s vision is to disrupt how we travel through its battery and technology solutions. For more info, visit www.ep-sys.net.


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