Electric Power Systems Meets with Arizona Senator John McCain to Discuss Defense Contract Acquisition Reform

Electric Power Systems (EPS) Chief Executive Officer Nathan Millecam met with Senator John McCain and other Defense contractors to discuss the threats facing the United States, potential solutions the industrial base can offer, and issues facing defense contractors.

“We greatly appreciate the Senator’s work on the Armed Services committee reforming Defense Acquisition laws.” Millecam said.

“The current environment limits the ability of cutting-edge commercial technology from finding its way into our defense systems. Opening up defense procurements to innovative companies with competitive cost structures, leading technology, and fast development cycles is a win-win for both government and industry.”

About Electric Power Systems (EPS)

Electric Power Systems (EPS) provides disruptive technologies to high-reliability markets by providing world-class energy storage systems that are safe, reliable and low cost. EPS’s vision is to disrupt how we travel through its battery and technology solutions. For more info, visit www.ep-sys.net.


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