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EP Systems Embarks on FAA Qualification Testing for Groundbreaking Aircraft Energy Storage System

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Published on February 29, 2024
Written by EPS Admin

Logan, UT, February 29, 2024 — EP Systems, a pioneering leader in innovative energy solutions, is delighted to announce its initiation of FAA qualification testing for the groundbreaking EPiC1.0 aircraft energy storage system. This cutting-edge system, the first of its kind to undergo regulatory testing, is poised to set new standards in aviation technology.

The EPiC 1.0 aircraft energy storage systems are currently undergoing rigorous testing to achieve certification under the FAA’s TSO-C179b standard. EP Systems has developed a comprehensive solution that encompasses line replaceable units for the battery module, battery management unit, midpoint disconnect, and interconnects. This systemic approach ensures seamless integration of advanced technologies to meet the stringent requirements of TSO-C179b.

Over the past few weeks, EP Systems has successfully conformed its initial qualification articles to the exacting requirements of the TSO-C179b standard. This marks a significant step forward in the company’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge energy storage solutions that adhere to the highest aviation industry standards.

The qualification testing is currently underway and includes a series of key electrical and environmental tests conducted at independent third-party laboratories. EP Systems is dedicated to ensuring that its EPiC 1.0 Aircraft Energy Storage System not only meets but exceeds the industry’s expectations for safety, reliability, and performance.

Andre Robert, VP of Program Management, said, “The beginning of FAA qualification testing for the EPiC 1.0 Aircraft Energy Storage System is a monumental event for EP Systems. Many years of significant investment and development activity paved the way for this industry first. We are absolutely thrilled to be on the path of achieving this historic aviation milestone.”

EP Systems remains committed to advancing sustainable and efficient energy solutions for the aviation sector. The ongoing FAA qualification testing represents a crucial step towards the commercial availability of the EPiC 1.0 aircraft energy storage system for flight propulsion.

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About EP Systems:

EP Systems stands as the undisputed leader in providing high-power, scalable powertrains certified for electrified aviation. Their expertise lies in the exclusive development of energy storage systems, DC fast-charging stations, and electric propulsion products tailored for the aerospace industry. The trust placed in them by industry giants such as Boeing, JetBlue, United Airlines, Safran, and Supernal reinforces their pivotal position and underscores their confidence in EP Systems’ ability to revolutionize the aerospace industry.

Safety is paramount in their endeavors, and their advanced features have established EP Systems as synonymous with reliability and excellence, setting the industry standard for safer battery systems. In collaboration with the FAA, they actively certify batteries for general aviation aircraft, marking a groundbreaking milestone with their first Technical Standard Order (TSO) set for completion in 2024. This not only solidifies EP Systems’ position as the industry leader but also emphasizes its unwavering commitment to shaping the future of electrified aviation.

Complementing their industry-leading investors, EP Systems proudly serves a distinguished clientele including Aura Aero, VoltAero, Diamond, REGENT, ElFly, PLANA, SkyDrive, and Ampaire. This extensive list testifies to the widespread recognition and adoption of their cutting-edge solutions.