EPS Completes a Major Milestone for NASA’s X-57 All Electric Aircraft

Published on June 16, 2017
Written by April Becerra

City of Industry, CA, June 16, 2017 –

Electric Power Systems (EPS) has been selected by NASA and Empirical Systems Aerospace to design, develop, test, and build the Energy Storage System (ESS) for the X-plane project dubbed the X-57 Maxwell.

The objectives of the project are to reduce the energy consumption of the aircraft by 5X by deploying a distributed all-electric propulsion system. EP Systems will provide the Battery Modules, the Battery Control Computers, and the Integrated Assembly components for the aircraft.

“We are thrilled to work with NASA, ES Aero, and the other Industry Partners on this groundbreaking project,” said Randy Dunn, Vice President of Engineering and co-founder of Electric Power Systems.

“EPS’s modular Battery Management System (BCC-701) and its aviation grade Energy Producing Ion Core (EPIC) battery modules enable NASA to meet its objectives of having a Highly Reliable custom High Voltage battery that can be flown in 2017.”

The system selected is ideally suited for the NASA project as the BMS can quickly be configured to multiple chemistry types while maintaining the integrity of a DO311 design base. This enables the use of cost-effective commercial cells that are rapidly improving in energy density and performance to be integrated into a large scale battery.

About Electric Power Systems (EPS)

Electric Power Systems (EPS) provides disruptive technologies to high-reliability markets by providing world-class energy storage systems that are safe, reliable and low cost. EPS’s vision is to disrupt how we travel through its battery and technology solutions. For more info, visit www.ep-sys.net.